Red Bull MOBILE -

Upside Down

Red Bull MOBILE is not your typical mobile provider.

It is an invitation to the world of wonder, passion,

and endless possibilities.

The network that will turn your world around.

— Main Films.

Since we are talking about turning our consumers’ world upside down, we want to show it in an extremely pleasing to the eye and yet abstract image. Something that stands out in today’s market of same advertising.

Something disruptive and different from all the other mobile providers.


— Cast and costumes.

We wanted to bring some joy to the grey Polish winter by dressing our cast in playful, colorful outfits.

We used a mix of colorful hats and coats, patterned sweaters, loose cut patterned pants and sneakers. We know it’s cold but these kids are cool. They’re gonna be wearing trendy sneakers no matter the temperature.

— Prints.


— Photos.


— Creds.





  • Aleksander Madej cw

Tomasz Bujok cd

  • Tosia Ruszkowska ad
  • Gosia Turczyńska photo


  • Social Media
  • Activation
  • Point of Sale


180heartbeats + JUNG v. MATT


  • February 2022