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AF 1 Join Forces

Celebrating 40 Years of Force.

From musicians to streetwear icons, the Air Force 1 has always been more than a sneaker. Everywhere it’s gone, it’s changed the game. But the past 40 years are behind us, so let’s set the stage for the next 40. Because Force has always been strongest when we do it together.

— Teaser.


— Main Film.


— Print Campaign.


— Retail & Social Media.

In addition to the main digital assets, we published still pictures on main social media channels and Sizeer stores, and Tik Tok video for the upcoming activaiton.

— Markets.

This campaign was featured in 11 countries: Poland, Germany, Lithuania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Estonia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia.

— Creds.






  • Aleksander Madej cw
  • Manuel Gómez Bautista ad
  • Liza Ruda dir
  • Karol Grygoruk photo
  • Michal Koncikowski ad
  • Grzegorz Paraska cw


  • Social Media
  • Activation
  • Point of Sale


180heartbeats + JUNG v. MATT


  • October 2022