Burger King -

Helping Whopper Jr.

Burger King buried the hatchet and went to McDonald’s to buy fries for a worthy cause.

— Case Video.


— Main Film.


— Background and Our Idea.

Every year, for two weekends during December, McDonald's Poland donates to the Ronald McDonald Foundation 1 polish zloty out of each pack of fries they sell. It's a great cause, so naturally we wanted them to sell as many fries as possible.

We decided to bury the hatchet and ask people to support such a worthy cause by giving them a free Whopper Jr. for a pack of fries from McDonald's.

— Social Media.

In addition to the teaser video, we published still pictures and stories with instructions for the upcoming activaiton.

— Results.

The campaign was a huge success. It became viral not only on the polish internet but also internationally. It was featured in numerous media outlets, and it was an editor's pick in AdAge's Creativity Online.

14 countries


7.5 million people reached

Only $7000 spent in media

— Interview.

The campaign took off and attracted many eyes. There is even an interview about the campaign here.

— Creds.



Burger King


  • Aleksander Madej cw

Pablo Domínguez cd

  • Tosia Ruszkowska ad
  • Paweł Trojanowski photo


  • Social Media
  • Activation
  • Point of Sale


180heartbeats + JUNG v. MATT


  • December 2021