I’m a Woman

Women in Poland are hearing the word NO too often. In this campaign, we wanted to empower women into saying YES and pay tribute to their diversity, courage, independence, and strength.

— Case Video.


— Main Film.


— Our Heroines.

Ola Żebrowska, a famous influencer, businesswoman and a mom of three; Kasia Zillmann, Polish Olympic silver winner, and her girlfriend Julia Walczak; Ola Wiederek-Barańska, activist for research and prevention of breast cancer; Christina Flagmeier, who became a model at age 74; and Bogna Golec, a plus size model.

— Sponsored Bilboard.

8 seconds sponsoring TV spots in which Neo Mosa, a gender fluid person, was featured under the message “I'm a woman because I feel like one".

— Print Campaign.


— Additional insights.

68% of surveyed women don't feel represented in commercials, and 81% would like to see more diverse women used in advertising.

— They wanted to silence us.

Our commercial was banned from TVP, the polish national tv, which is strictly connected to the far-right ruling party. Due to this measures, our campaign generated even more buzz.

— Results.

Besides amazing results, our campaign was featured in many local and international websites and newspapers, among them Vogue, Glamour and Newsweek.

2 396% discussions about the brand on the internet


32 million people reached online

7 348% in brand mentions.

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2 Million $ AVE

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YES Jewelry


  • Aleksander Madej cw

Pablo Domínguez cd

  • Tosia Ruszkowska ad
  • Krzysztof Grajper dir
  • Gosia Turczyńska photo




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  • October 2021